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For superior quality fencing solutions in Caboolture, you don’t have to search further because, at Caboolture Fencing, we can fulfil it all for you. Whether your main concern is privacy, security for your kids and pets, or you simply prefer to add a dash of aesthetic to your outdoor space, our team of skilled Caboolture based contractors are all committed to helping.

Suppose you are scouring for a practical way to secure your residential or commercial property and protect them from unwanted visitors. We offer a range of fencing solutions that may be an excellent choice for you. From the classic timber, chain wire, and visually appealing colorbond fencing, you will not run out of options for your spaces. Besides that, we also install efficient and stylish glass pool fencing to cater for a variety of needs.

Hiring expert fencing contractors in Caboolture can be one of your most important investments when sprucing up your spaces because we always guarantee our customers’ satisfaction through our high-end services. We deliver outstanding results no matter the scale and scope of the fencing project.

Do you want to take the first step in building a secure, long-lasting, and visually appealing fence on your property? We are a family-owned business with expert tradespeople who can assist you in every process and answer your lingering queries regarding your fencing project in mind.

To get in touch with our dependable and responsive fencing contractors, call or email us using the contact information we have provided below. We can immediately offer you a contemporary quote. Tell us the details of your vision you plan to work on so we can further discern what will work best for you.

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Licensed Professionals

As licensed professionals, our team is capable of working on all kinds of projects - we are not limited by size or price.

Competitive Pricing

We're able to purchase our materials at discounted costs, which allows us to keep our service prices competitive.

Reliable and Timely

Meeting our project deadlines is always a high priority for the team. We understand that there are many components to landscaping projects and so we always strive to play our part.


Our contractors are trained to ensure our installations comply with all the local regulations.


At Caboolture Fencing Pros, we provide a variety of solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminium, dog wire, timber, and colorbond. Check out our list of services below. 

Colorbond® Fencing in Caboolture

With all the fencing options and materials laid out for you, finding the perfect one to suit your area or spaces can be a tough job. At Caboolture Fencing, we can evaluate your specifications and preferences to pinpoint what style and material will work best for the project you have in mind.

Colorbond fencing is one of the types of fences that you can significantly observe in Caboolture. With its minimalist style and durable finish, it is widely preferred not only in town but also throughout Australia.

Once you have decided to have superior quality and budget-friendly colorbond fencing on your property, it is time to have the help of an expert team. Reach our responsive and reliable customer service staff for you to have a free colour bond quote and get started.

To settle your thoughts about colour bond fencing, here are some of the reasons residents in Caboolture are choosing it:

Timber Fencing in Caboolture

If you are erecting a fence for your property in Caboolture, there are several aspects and considerations to keep in mind. Besides that, you have to know your requirements and preferences in the first stage. Through this, you can determine your vision for your project.

Property owners living in a rural area may find fences made of steel or chain links slightly out of place. Many homeowners in Caboolture QLD who want to elevate their home’s natural warmth and welcoming vibe choose timber fencing.

We have been handling timber fencing installation throughout the city for many years, so you can be assured that we can give you advice and a structured plan on how we can refine it for your property. Check out the advantages that timber can extend to you, and let us see if it is the perfect pick for your property.

Aluminium Fencing in Caboolture

Personal preferences for materials, local council building guidelines, and budget are just some of the aspects to ponder when you are in the process of picking the fence for your areas. Our fencing contractors work with an expansive variety of fencing supplies, and one of the rising stars in the city is aluminium fences.

With our expert and skilled tradespeople, you will always find the solution to suit your property. Talk with our friendly and reliable staff to have a free quote and for us to understand your specifications for your aluminium fencing project in Caboolture QLD.

Here are some of the advantages of aluminium that may surprise you:


What people say?

The boys did a great job with our new fence. No complaints really. If you're looking for real professionals, these are your guys.
Rachel Romero
Very happy with the service provided. We wanted a colorbond fence installed in the front. They gave us a fair quote and finished the job by the end of the month.
Zara Walker
The process was super easy. We got a quote we were happy with and they took care of the rest. Excellent job done by the team!
Damien Klein

Glass Pool Fencing in Caboolture

With the rise of residential and commercial establishment owners building a pool in their area, adding a contemporary and elegant landscaping feature is always a great way to boost its overall appeal.

If you want to achieve a stylish addition to your pool without compromising the safety and security of its surrounding area, you can choose to have a glass pool fence.

We offer various fencing supplies, but glass is still one of the most prominent alternatives because of its numerous advantages.

Pool Fencing in Caboolture

We are one of the leading choices in providing safe and secure pool fencing in Caboolture. With the recent rise in the number of residents that have a pool on their property, pool fencing has been one of the requirements to ensure that the safety of everyone will not be compromised.

This fence is one of the best ways to make sure that your enjoyable time in the pool is protected and safe for kids, pets, and those who are not yet good at swimming.

If you plan to install a pool fence for your home or commercial establishment, get the professional help of our experienced crew. Some of the gains of installing a pool fence include:


With glass pool fencing, there are two common types that you can choose from. These two types are frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fences.

When choosing the more traditional style of a frameless fence, it allows for maximum visibility to your property which is great in residential areas where people want to enjoy watching their kids or pets play around in the backyard space while they work inside on chores or other tasks at home during weekends.

A good thing about this type of design too is that installation only takes one day so expect less hassle when installing these panels because everything will be completed within just hours!

Glass fencing is great for making your space look bigger because it has such a unique aesthetic. The main disadvantage comes when you want the fence installed in an area where there are other obstructions that could get caught up on the fence and cause damage to either themselves or others near them.

It’s difficult to go wrong with a local business that has been in the industry for over a decade! Caboolture Fencing offers quality, hassle-free service and materials. We have an expert team on hand 24 hours a day who are ready to help you no matter what your needs may be or when they arise. You won’t find another fence contractor like us anywhere else – call now!

Professional Fencing Service in Caboolture

The Fencing Caboolture Approach

At Caboolture Fencing, we want to assist and give you the best solution in the town. If you decide to construct fencing as a DIY project, you may find it troublesome and turn out paying more than what you anticipated.

Work with our licensed and dependable contractors to ensure that you can get the results you need and want. We can get it done right the first time so you can prevent spending out of your allocated budget.

Our trusted and expert crew have undergone years of practice and training in the fencing industry. If you need a licensed fencing contractor that can take care of all your fencing needs, look no further because we can be your all-in-one service provider.

Through our expansive years of providing trident fencing solutions in Caboolture QLD, we gained the trust and confidence of our clients. At Caboolture Fencing, we highly regard our customers’ and workers’ safety and security.

Due to that, we see to it that we have the important insurance for our tradespeople to avoid creating conflict for our clients if accidents happen on site. This is our means of guaranteeing that our customers in Caboolture will have a stress-free and convenient experience while working with us. 

Fencing may look simple and easy on those tutorial videos, but you will find it very arduous if you do not have enough knowledge about the craft. Our fencing contractors are equipped with the training and expertise needed in this field.

Our reliable crew can take care of various services and deliver premium results to keep our customers satisfied and happy. We greatly value our customers’ time and money, so we make sure that we can extend services and results that may even exceed their expectations. 

What separates us from other fencing contractors is that even if we offer superior fencing services, we can still work within your budget. As soon as we have analyzed what your needs are, we can offer you an estimate.

Let us help you understand your goals and preferences for the job. Consult with our helpful crew to know more about the solutions and services well suited for you. 

We’ve been in the game a while now, and so we know what you need. We’ve constructed hundreds of fences since 2006 when our doors opened- proving that with over 15 years of experience, serving south east Queensland, comes the knowledge to help make your house into a home.

With a great range of expertise from wrought iron or chain-link fence installation to decorative aluminium railing for balconies, there’s no project too big or small for us!

Fencing Caboolture was founded on a belief that community and accountability are crucial to building the kind of home you deserve. As one contractor, we’re committed to guiding your project from start to finish with options for every budget and extensive experience working in all areas of construction. We’ll stay connected by phone throughout the process so there’s no question about what should be done next or when it will get done – because everything is supervised by our owner himself!

The team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. From customised designs and professional installers, we’ve got your back! We can advise on Council regulations and engineered design and our friendly, professional installers are committed to delivering excellent service (this means they’ll always leave your property neat and tidy).


Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely! At Caboolture Fencing, we always follow the time frame and budget we have agreed upon because, besides quality outputs, we want our customers to be satisfied with our overall service.

At Caboolture Fencing, we charge depending on the scale and scope of the project as well as our client’s specifications and preferences. For us to give our clients an accurate estimate, we have to go to the site and have a consultation with them. We can also furnish you with a free quote. Just reach out to our friendly staff for us to know more about your fencing plans or project.

When you call, we always suggest that you set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Once the day before your meeting arrives, a salesman will be waiting for you at our office to ensure everything goes smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We’ll take into consideration all factors on-site so they can provide accurate estimates based on customer needs by talking through each detail in person!

When it comes down to high-quality construction work like this there’s no need for guesswork or assumptions – just give us a shout when scheduling an appointment with one of our expertly trained professionals who are ready anytime any day!

With our estimator’s help, we can provide a cost estimate for the setup of your fence. Our staff will also dig holes and install posts if you like at an extra fee.

Our highly qualified team is responsible for locating all utility lines on your property. This insures our experts know where they are and can avoid damaging them while doing their project.

Give us a call and we can work something out. We can also work with our other providers like Gladstone Fencing and Ballarat Fencing to find a way to meet your fencing requirements.

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