Aluminum VS Wrought Iron Fencing

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A variety of options are available for your fencing to match both your style and your need for a durable fence. Depending on what you are looking for and the conditions of your area, there are different materials that could work well for your property. For some of the more durable types of fencing, aluminium or wrought iron types of fencing are something to consider.

Both types offer different benefits even though they are not the best in providing privacy. If you are torn in choosing between the two, both fence types offer their own pros and cons that may help determine the most fitting choice.

What Can Aluminium Fencing Provide

Aluminium fencing is a type of fencing that can come in different grades and heights. Plus, it comes with a powder-coated finish and will never rust, chip, crack, or peel. A thing to note with the powder coating is that it can come in green, brown, taupe, white, silver/grey and many other colours. You have the option to have it blend in with your property setting or you can make it stand out to enhance your property appeal.

This material also makes for a lightweight material to choose from and is easy to install as fencing. To add to this, aluminium fencing is also easy to maintain and mainly hose it down if needed. One downside to this fencing type is that when compared to other materials like wrought iron, it is not as durable and can mostly be relied on for its longevity. One of the best areas you can have this fencing applied is the pool area.

What Can Wrought Iron Fencing Provide

As a fencing type, wrought iron makes for a heavy-duty material that is best installed on level terrain or a retaining wall. In terms of durability, it is able to stand well against strong winds and falling trees without needing repairs or replacement. When it comes to maintenance, it is advised to clean and paint the metal every 10 years to prevent rust.

Like with aluminium fencing, it comes with a black finish and offers different colour options. When compared to a material like aluminium, wrought iron fencing works better in terms of security though may not vary as much in terms of style.

While both aluminium and wrought iron fencing have their own pros and cons, it does not necessarily mean one is better than the other. Ultimately, the choice of fencing may fall on what factors on your property may affect it. If you are still unsure of either fencing type for your home, then you will want a professional service group for assistance.

How Caboolture Fencing Can Help

With Caboolture Fencing, you can be assured that they will guarantee customer satisfaction through high-end services and deliver outstanding results no matter the scale and scope of the fencing project. A range of options are available with this group to meet any fencing needs and you can find quality results with Caboolture Fencing.


A variety of options are available with fencing with some materials being more durable than others. Among the different materials that you can choose from, aluminium and wrought iron are some of the more durable ones you can select from. When comparing the two, both offer their own pros and cons with aluminium being easy to maintain and versatile in style while wrought iron makes for more heavy-duty and secure fencing. For a more hassle-free process, you will want to consider a professional service group to ensure all fencing needs are met. Reach out to our team of expert fencers today to explore the ways in which we can offer our assistance!