How to Maintain Your Glass Balustrade

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Commonly found in business spaces but optional for residential spaces, glass balustrades are a sequence of glass panels to either fence or separate an area. With this feature, it can provide both an unobstructed view and allow light to come in for a clean modern look. While generally made with thick tempered glass panels and high-quality stainless-steel accessories, glass balustrade pool fences, like any other materials, need good maintenance for further longevity.

Maintenance Tips

For different materials, there are different maintenance methods that can work for it as well as maintenance methods you will want to avoid. As a glass type of material, something like the right way of scrubbing it can do a lot in the long run along with the following:

Check for Chips, Cracks or Damage

An important thing that you will want to make a general occurrence with your glass balustrade is an inspection for any type of damage no matter how big or small. Though the glass used is generally toughened or laminated and stands well in terms of durability, it is not impervious to damage.

If the panels have hair-line cracks, it either calls for a replacement or a quick repair if possible. Additionally, chipped or damaged stainless-steel parts may create a rough surface that could be unsafe to touch. When left exposed, this could also lead to external elements seeping into the damaged area and resulting in corrosion. This is why a routine check-up is best noted.

Conduct Regular Cleaning

Should you leave your glass balustrade unattended for a period of time, this can result in a build-up of smudges and fingerprints. Cleaning-wise, there is not much difficulty in terms of method but simplicity can do plenty for a lot of materials. For glass balustrades, warm water, mild detergent and a soft micro-fibre cloth are recommended. If you want to keep to a routine, a recommended period of cleaning would be once every three months.

As for materials that you will want to avoid using for cleaning your glass balustrade, they are newspapers and paper towels. Newspapers can lead to ink running and staining your glass. Paper towels on the other hand can leave tiny paper filaments on your aluminium glass balustrade if used. Simply put, a basic but thorough clean is the best route.

Look Over The Components

Just like checking on the state of the glass, you will want to ensure the running condition of the different components it may have. You have the option to add different features to your glass balustrade like doors, access hatches for pets or other components such as feature lighting. Having any and all of these components checked, will help to ensure that there is no damage that could affect the balustrades or the safety of your rails.

Other than these noted tips, you will want to confirm that the surroundings are safe for the feature and if that isn’t enough, have protective features like special coating or waxes if the material allows it. Though you may have the option to have all these maintenance points done yourself, it can also help to refer to a professional service team for anything that might have been missed.

Why Have Caboolture Fencing In Mind

There are many different ways that you can maintain your glass balustrade by yourself before any damage gets too bad. However, with the help of a professional service group, there is more that can be done for this feature on your property. For a service that can help meet any fencing needs, you will want Caboolture Fencing.


A glass balustrade can make for an eye-catching feature to have for either a residence or a commercial space. While it may provide a more modern look for the space it is applied to and lets in more light, it does require proper maintenance like any other material if you wish to have it last as long as possible. From checking for any damage to looking over the state of its components, there are different ways to keep your balustrade up to par. Caboolture Fencing installations can guarantee you quality results no matter the scope of services and ensure customer satisfaction. From making sure that your glass balustrade stays in top form to providing options to improve it, there is plenty to gain from having Caboolture Fencing assist you.