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Caboolture Pool Fencing

If you are looking to have fencing installed for your pool area, you will find that there are different options and advantages to having pool fencing. It can make for an investment that not only protects your pool space but also provides extra visual appeal. However, depending on the area of either your property or pool, a pool fencing may be a requirement to avoid any possible penalties. When it comes to choosing what type of pool fencing you would like to have, there are different types with different features to choose from.

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Pool Fencing Types and Benefits

A pool fencing mainly has three types to choose from and each one has their own benefits depending on what style you are going for:

Glass/ Glass Panel

Generally built with tempered glass, a glass pool fencing provides a unique and modern look to your pool space with its transparent feature. Another feature you’ll find with glass pool fencing is that you can also choose different types for your space. These types include framed glass, semi-frameless glass, and frameless glass fences. Given the material that it is made with, you can be assured it will stand well against pressure.


If you are not familiar with this type of fencing, this is otherwise known as synthetic fencing and contains elements of plastic and vinyl. This is one of the more cost effective fencing to choose from and is often chosen due to it not rotting or splintering. In addition to this, PVC does not require painting and has low maintenance. So if you want something that is a little more cost effective while still being durable, PVC is a good choice. 


With aluminum fencing you’ll find that tubular aluminium flat-top panels are a type of fencing you can choose to have with this fencing material. The notable features for this fencing type is that it is lightweight, rust-free and easy to install. You can consider this fencing to have one of the highest durability among fencing types and is also easy to install. 

Each fencing type has different benefits that you can enjoy but it may also depend on what would work best for your pool space and what style you are going for. When installing a pooling fence, you can achieve the following: 

  • Securing the space and keeping small children safe
  • Prevent injuries caused by slippery or wet floors around the pool
  • Add visual appeal to your pool space
  • Avoid hefty penalties that come with not installing a pool fence

Given the different types and advantages you can have with pool fencing, you may need to consult a professional service on what you can have applied to your pool space. 

Why Choose Caboolture Fencing for your Pool Fencing Installation

We at Caboolture Fencing aim to meet your fencing needs with quality materials and hassle-free installation. We offer a range of options for you to choose from and our professionals are available for any consultation. Whether it is choosing what pool fencing you would like to have or determining if a pool fencing type would match your style, we at Caboolture Fencing will do our best to meet all your fencing needs.