Timber Fencing Caboolture

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Timber Fencing in Caboolture

Timber fencing is one of the more traditional choices you can go for when choosing the type of fencing you will have for your property. Having a versatile and budget-friendly material, you can find timber fencing applied in different ways though timber fencing is more popular as front and side fences. With timber fencing, you can find different options to choose from in terms of styles and designs. Given the different options you can have with timber fencing, it is understandable to want to learn more and see what would work best for you.


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Types and Advantages of Timber Fencing

When it comes to timber fencing, as stated, you can find timber fencing applied in different ways including for the following:

  • Customized feature fences
  • Neighbour fences
  • Commercial fences 
  • Paling fences for sloped areas

While there may be different applications, designs, and styles you can choose from with wood-type fencing, there are three types of timber fencing that are popular among homeowners and commercial customers:

Treated Pine

This is a type of wood that can also be applied to decks, pergolas, and retaining walls. When used for timber fencing, you can have it in different designs including butted, lapped and capped or good neighbour. In addition to being a versatile material with different designs, treated pine is something that you can repurpose 


A more standard choice for fencing, paling fencing is generally used as a dividing fence for neighbours. It is generally made with 3 horizontal rails fastened to the fence posts and depending on the style you want to go for, can also have nail palings.

Picket Fencing

In comparison to other types of fencing, picket fencing is generally made from hardwood and is one of the more durable materials that you can go for. You’ll find that picket fencing is usually applied as a front fence but it can also depend on the layout of your property.

More than having different options that you can choose from for your timber fencing, you will find that timber fencing also offers advantages for your property. The two main advantages that you will find with timber fencing are that it can add aesthetic appeal to your property as well as increase its value. 

Being a lightweight material, it is customizable and added to its natural appeal, there are different styles you can have applied to it. What’s more, you will find that in addition to being versatile and lightweight, it is a budget-friendly material that is easy to install.

Why Choose Caboolture Fencing to Install Your Timber Fencing

We at Caboolture Fencing Experts aim to deliver quality service to meet your fencing needs. Our professionals are available for any consultation or inquiries and we offer a range of styles and designs for your timber fencing options. If you want to learn more about what we can offer with our timber fencing materials and installation, feel free to contact us.